About the project

Research of Biotechnology SME’s Intellectual Property Strategies project analyses intellectual property context for Lithuanian and US small and medium sized (SME) biotechnology businesses – including strategies pursued by the business themselves, regulatory environment, pertinent public policy instruments, and identifies the specific features of the biotech SME intellectual property, best practices, relevant legal, management and technological factors and models, and on the basis of this analysis produces recommendations on the intellectual property strategy for biotech SMEs.

Project data will be collected in Lithuania and USA. Research in the US will be done in collaboration with the Arizona State University (ASU), specifically – ASU College of Law Interdisciplinary Research Center for Law, Science & Innovation, ASU Biodesign institute, ASU Skysong science and technology park, and US biotechnology SMEs. Gathered data will be analyzed through analytical, qualitative and statistical analysis methods.

The research is funded by Lithuanian Research Council under the measure „Support to Researcher Teams’ Projects” (grant No. MIP-14446, name of the project “Research of Biotechnology SME’s Intellectual Property Strategies’’).